Sept. 21st survey results

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Sept. 21st survey results

Postby kharnov » Tue Sep 30, 2014 2:32 pm UTC

Thank you all for your replies, the survey is now done. We had twenty responses. Here are the multiple choice results. We will be discussing your paragraph responses in a more detailed discussion among ourselves.


It is nice to see that nobody disapproves of the new libRocket interface, and we'll try to improve it further so that those on the fence about it can be satisfied. The average framerate isn't as high as we'd like it to be, and it's not good that it hasn't changed or has even worsened for many of you, so this will be another target for us. Modding support is something we'll continue to address as we approach beta, although we've already made steps towards it with customization in some of our engine features, like the config files we added in an earlier release to adjust game balance with. Also, I've had the feeling that very few people actually explicitly like the name of our game, and this goes to show you that the majority aren't fine with it. I am a major proponent of a name change myself, but the most difficult part is actually coming up with a good name.


Gameplay is almost universally the most desired thing, while about half of you also highly value the engine, our community, and maps. Around a quarter of you care about the interface and models, and only a small number feel strongly about renderer effects and translations. This doesn't entirely surprise me, although the proportions were interesting to look at.

With regards to gameplay, we are currently working on something code-side called CBSE, or component-based software engineering. The reason that we need this is because the game code that we've inherited is extremely out of date, and a lot of it is very hackish and not easy to work with. Once we've finished CBSE, we'll be able to make much more rapid changes to gameplay development.

You can follow our development on CBSE here:

Now with regards to the map questions, I'll list the choices that got at least 20% of the total, not including none/unsure unless it was the only one above 20%.

What do people like the most about our maps?

Parpax: appearance, layout, size.
Plat23: layout, navigability.
Yocto: appearance.
Chasm: appearance, navigability.
Thunder: appearance, size.
Perseus: appearance, layout.
Station15: appearance.
Spacetracks: appearance, layout.

What do people dislike the most about our maps?

Parpax: layout, navigability.
Plat23: appearance.
Yocto: appearance, performance.
Chasm: none / unsure.
Thunder: size.
Perseus: none / unsure.
Station15: none / unsure.
Spacetracks: none / unsure.
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Re: Sept. 21st survey results

Postby Alex » Thu Nov 13, 2014 3:57 am UTC

it's funny when most people vote the same feature as a "pro" and other half as a "cons" (like parpax layout).
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Re: Sept. 21st survey results

Postby Viech » Fri Nov 14, 2014 3:47 pm UTC

Alex wrote:it's funny when most people vote the same feature as a "pro" and other half as a "cons" (like parpax layout).

Parpax layout is too awesome for the general public to comprehend, so their collective consciousness creates inconsistent reactions.
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