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What should playing Unvanq. *feel* like?

Talk about anything related to Unvanquished.
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What should playing Unvanq. *feel* like?

Postby SeanCJ » Wed Mar 16, 2022 9:45 pm UTC

Hey everyone,

I'm an old-time Tremulous player (not particulary good :P) - though I guess most have seen me from the Unv - IRC channel by now (or perhaps in game - Super Dupont saw me stumble around as a Granger yesterday evening :P ).

Anyway - long story short, I'm really keen on seeing a game with elements from Trem, and I'm already having fun with Unvanquished. A big question that has sprung up for me though is what people (I guess especially you devs, but also anyone in general) would like the game to feel + play like?

I guess I'm asking, because from experience with other games, people often discuss balance or mechanics, but I feel often the disagreement is more fundamental ( -> or put differently, it would be easier - and perhaps important! - to get a clear idea on the fundamental vision first). So - how do you want to feel when you're playing the game on the Human team, how should it feel on the Alien team? What kind of dynamics would you like to see for an average game ?

P.S. I have my opinions, and happy to share (have already on IRC :P), but I'll wait for replies first here.
P.P.S. - thanks to Illwieckz for "unblocking" my IP :P !
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Re: What should playing Unvanq. *feel* like?

Postby SuperDupont » Fri Mar 18, 2022 12:20 pm UTC

I redacted an answer, but seems lost...
May be I didn't see the message about my IP in the RBL for this message.
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Re: What should playing Unvanq. *feel* like?

Postby SuperDupont » Sun Mar 20, 2022 4:50 pm UTC

I will try to answer, with my finest fluent English.

You should sit down.

I'm an old-time Tremulous player too. I wasn't good too, and my computers don't allow me to play with high setting. But still funny.

I like the difference between Aliens and Humans.
Humans can equip, with weapons, accessory, armors... but Aliens evolve or devolve to different forms, with different ability.

I also like that you need to take care about resources (but not yet ammunition). Resources for buildings are limited and precious. And, resources for equip and evolve depends of your ability to annihilate enemies.
I like how Drills and Leech interact together, and how they are part of the strategy.

You must try to stay alive, or to made enough against enemies before die. We can resume it on : Don't feed enemies.

Sometime, more powerful building can be also more vulnerable buildings. Like Turrets Pods who don't fire on Humans or Human's buildings, and need be protected, with Guns Turrets for example.

Another difference, is that Aliens can almost go around alone, and can fee more easily. But Humans, at the beginning, are vulnerable and slow, and won't survive alone with Alien encounter.

So, for beginner, it's easier to join the Human team, and use the riffle (SMG). And training for other weapons.
Of course, beginners should also learn to be Aliens, but each forms require different skills. It's not easy.

And, of course, this game need coordination and communication in teams.

What I don't like?
The super large hit box for almost all buildings, and Aliens.
Too easy to hit the small Dretch. And, you can hit Acid Tube when you don't see it.
The same, for Humans buildings, you will easily destroy Turrets when you fire over them...

And, a small Dretch can immobilize the big Tyrant too..
I remember in Tremulous, as Dretch, you always be away from larger Aliens, to don't be crushed.
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Re: What should playing Unvanq. *feel* like?

Postby freem » Fri Apr 29, 2022 7:30 pm UTC

You're not asking me what I want to change or keep, from what I understand, but what I want to see this game to be. I'll try to answer as I can.

I want unvanquished to be a "tactical FPS" (as opposed as a quake-like) with balanced RTS elements. It is currently a quake-like with unbalanced elements because of the movement mecanics (soapy, fast) and the imbalance in RTS is, I believe, purely accidental.

I want it to be team based, some basic ideas for that would be to implement a way to have proper chain of "command" to help players play together, like I've seen in battlefield: I think it would fit well.

I want it to keep, and increase, the fact both factions have different gameplay. Actually, I dream of a 3rd faction, and of maps engaging more than 2 teams.

I want to see afontain finish his juggernaut mod, it was very funny, but sadly some bugs made it too experimental.

I want to have PvE (Players versus Enemies) maps, and why not, more objectives than just "kill them all"

I want it to be fun when played solo, at any skill level.

I want to see aliens usable by newcommers.

I want to reduce the distance between strong players and newcommers, to retain newcommers and build anew a sane community.

I want to build in game tools so that non-developpers can participate actively to the game, by submitting layouts , bugs, and other technically possible things.

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