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AU/NA Development Game [ 2014-01-18 ]

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AU/NA Development Game [ 2014-01-18 ]

Postby Viech » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:02 am UTC

So we had our first dev game tailored towards players living between Australia and Northern America (AU/NA for short). I think this was a great success and a lot of fun! From now on we'll try to hold one every Saturday, 4:00 UTC. This time we had a four on four player average, next time let's try to get to five on five! (Tell your AU/NA/EA friends!)

What has been tested?

Standard gameplay scenarios, with a focus on coordinated, aggressive forwarding.


Individual Matches




It seems we came to a state where turtle bases are as hard to down as you would expect them to be, but camping alone will still make you lose. Both spreading over the map and maintaining control as well as breaking out of your besieged fortress once in a while are viable strategies. Maintaining a strong forward in addition to a well protected main base has proven to be an excellent tradeoff. The new turrets seem to scale well: Individually they are strong against small and weak against big aliens (but still do damage if not killed from a distance) and as a team they can secure a base against any single attacker but not against coordinated groups.

The fact that humans spend more of their build points than aliens isn't new, but the magnitude of the difference was especially high in these games. Humans also mined quite a bit more. We should keep an eye on that, see if this is actually an issue or just a part of team variety.

What's next?

Potentially a few weight adjustments to momentum calculation. Destroying (defense structures) might be slightly less rewarding while kills will most likely get a boost. (Thanks to Fourty-Two for pointing this out first.) The new Forlorn alpha might also be ready for Sunday's EU/NA dev game!
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