Server and Client version mismatch

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Server and Client version mismatch

Postby Ringreng » Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:08 am UTC

On Nexuiz/Xonotic, the client can be a different version (either newer or older) than the server and still able to be played. What's keeping the Unvanquished to do the same?
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Re: Server and Client version mismatch

Postby illwieckz » Wed Aug 01, 2018 10:11 pm UTC

Hi Ringreng, the Darkplaces engine used by Xonotic is more stable. I mean, there is less experimentations. That's also why some Xonotic guys dream of using another engine to be able to push the limits. Basically people complains about the need to keep the retro-compatibility with Quake 1… :smile:

That's probably the main reason. For example next version of the Dæmon engine will break the compatibility to use a new file extension for our improved VFS to help third party tools (like the NetRadiant level editor) to handles both the legacy pk3 system inherited from Quake 3 and our new dpk one that handles package versioning and dependency management to definitely fix the issue of overriding assets : unlike Quake 3 derivatives a custom map or mod downloaded from random servers will not break someone else map or mod. Xonotic somewhat fixed that issue by using two directories to read pk3 from but now the game file system has some builtin features to handles that. To make this kind of useful changes we have to break things and the ability to break things is sometime useful.

By the way we are not planning to make a neverending compat-breaking engine but we are at a state that if it's possible to do better by breaking it's better to do better. That's also why we still flag our game as alpha.

Note that there is currently an unknown server based on a very old version of Unvanquished and we really don't know who is operating it and why is it using a so old version and I'm not sure our irc game announcer ever reported any game on it… We make a big effort to keep retrocompatibility between game version and since the last release we were able to backports and host some next-release code during some scheduled development games.

Si the main reason is « we are trying to make our engine better even when it means we have to ditch some legacies » and « that's why it's called alpha ». :wink:
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