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Something to ponder about...

Postby lamefun » Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:47 pm UTC

Some relevant quotes from the forum of REDACTED...
I feel these equally apply to REDACTED and Unvanquished equally as well...

Edaq wrote:[...]
  • REDACTED permanently looses any players that visit it and get a poor first impression. If the play experience is not immersive, or there are few human players kicking around, they think its dead and never return…
  • The player environment is still toxic, and in some cases hypercompetitive for new players…The key is variable reward, not losing and ABBAB(Always Be Berating and Belittling) from your own team 100% of the time, this is what most new players get, this is not variable reward, not addictive, and not even rewarding. This permanently drives away new players.
  • Playing mode that allows some variable reward, random buffs or powerups that makes it possible for noobs to win at least 30% of the time. This should be a mode for noob servers or mix servers.
  • Social Proof, and empty lobby makes us look like loosers, and it makes the product look like crap…we don’t be the Quikymart that has a grand opening with only one customer visit for the whole day… Anyone that sees an empty lobby is a lost player, and a poor first impression cannot be repaired easily…every player that visits an empty lobby or gets trashed in gameplay over and over will leave and likely never return
  • Immersive story narrative, without one you require novelty and graphics, like Doom when it first came out, story was not required, it was new, graphic, violent, and had variable reward, suspense, and fear with gibs that were new at the time…REDACTED is not new and does not have cutting edge graphics, don’t skimp on the story.
  • Variable Reward, new players should be able win at least 30% of the time
  • Make different servers for different skill levels as needed, pros beating noobs into a thin red paste over and over again and insulting them on their own teams will cause them to leave and likely never return…

Edaq wrote:A Multiplayer Game with Few to No Players…

What do you call a political convention or product opening with almost no attendees? A museum piece.


Currently the remaining game community has elements that are positive, and toxic elements that drive away new players… Gameplay does not help retain players if they cannot win at least a fourth of the time, we do not have a large enough player base for games to be matched by the game itself.

Mega Glest, An Example of a Failed Game With Great Potential

Mega Glest started out at a multiplayer on line tactics and strategy game that could have had great potential as an open source project. However with an empty lobby and poor community engagement they quickly went from having a few players to almost no players, and now to not even having active development.

Mega Glest is a strategy game developed as a free software project with severely dated graphics, a crappy engine, no way to train new developers, aging code, and a severe popularity problem. Today all that is active in the community is a developer’s forum with few active players and an ever shrinking community… Even the developers have lost the desire to work on their own project.

I really liked Mega Glest but in the end its an empty game devoid of single player story, and devoid of players.

In Conclusion

We have poured time and effort into REDACTED, and it would be tremendous waste to stick our heads in the sand and become the new Mega Glest.

Basically the same thing I was hinting towards... 2vs1 and noob vs pro should feel good to all players, or there should be a coop mode. Otherwise the game won't grow... because it can't. A mature tree can survive a harsh winter, but a sapling will die. You can't build a bridge if you don't build the pillars first... yada yada

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